Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ride and class tomorrow (Sunday Feb. 18) postponed!

Hi Y'all,

After checking out the weather for tomorrow, it looks like it is going to be REALLY cold... too cold for it to be any fun to change tires in the park. In fact, says it's going to be about 33 degrees tomorrow at 1PM. Although usually the policy is to ride warm or cold, as long as it is sunny... this will be an exception. Thus, we're going to postpone Route 11 and the tire repair class until March, which will be when the next ride will be. We'll post and email more when we have more details. Till then, keep warm!

Looking forward to seeing you at the next ride!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tire Repair Class and Route 11!

Hi Gang!

This post is to announce our next ride - Route 11 - this Sunday, Feb. 18, meet at Fred Fletcher Park (802 Clay Street). In addition to the ride, Kit has generously offered to teach us all how to change a tire and fix a flat - important in emergency bicycle repair situations! He'll be bringing all the necessary equipment, all you'll need to do is bring yourself, your bike, and if possible a couple dollars to help cover equipment costs. If you don't have money on Sunday, well, buy Kit a beer sometime on the next ride. Kit will begin instruction at 1PM. If you'd like to skip instruction and just come along for the ride, we'll be leaving Fred Fletcher for Route 11 no later than 2PM.

A little bit about Route 11: As some of you may have noticed, Route 11 is the longest route in the Raleigh system - over 15 miles. We will be doing the Route in thirds, starting with the southern-most third this Sunday. As a precaution for you all, this ride will be more technically difficult than all the others, with a lot of busy streets. Here's what the Raleigh Bike Map has to say about Route 11:

"This north-south route along several major thoroughfares on the east side of the city connects Durant Park to Sanderford Road Park while crossing five other routes. Defensive cycling techniques should be used with additional caution during rush hours."

Click here for a link to the route.

In spite of the potential traffic, this route should be a lot of fun. Plus, we'll be learning necessary make-it-back-home skills thanks to Kit! As usual, we'll probably go for food/drinks after the ride.

I hope to see you this Sunday, Feb. 18, at 1PM at Fred Fletcher Park!

Cheers, Jennifer

Friday, February 09, 2007

Route 10 Sunday Feb 11!

Hi Everybody!

Sorry for the late post... I'm writing to announce that we will be riding Route No. 10 this weekend, meeting at Fred Fletcher Park at 1PM. Route 10 is one of our shorter rides (5.84 miles), so I'm thinking that we might be able to do the whole route and back. If we're feeling amobitious, we could even try some of the greenway near the route.

Here's the Raleigh Bicycle Map's description of Route 10:

"Route 10 is an east-west route from Kiwanis Park in east Raleigh to Laurel Hills Park at Edwards Mill Road. Cyclists may experience rolling hills on quieter residential streets. Other attractions include the All Children's Playground and Glen Eden Park."

For a map of the route, click here.

I'm looking forward to experiencing some rolling hills on quieter residential streets! If you have any questions or comments, email me at Hope to see you all then!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bike Route 9 South this Sunday (Feb 4)

Hi Everybody!

This email is to announce the next ride: the completion of Route 9, or, Route 9 South. As some of you may know, last ride we took Route 9 North past North Hills to Cedar Hills Park. This time we will take Route 9 South through downtown to Worthdale Park. As usual, we'll meet at Fred Fletcher Park Sunday (Feb. 4) at 1PM. If you would like to see a map of the route, click here.

Also, we have gotten more press. Check out the News & Observer article here. Thank you Joe!

Last, we have pictures from Bike Route 8 posted: Bike Route 8.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!