Friday, November 24, 2006

Summary: Bike Route 4

As with most of our rides, we rode Bike Route 4 on an absolutely beautiful day. A little chilly, but beautiful. Route 4 is the last of the Raleigh system's "Recreational" routes, and so it has fairly low volumes of traffic excepting on Beryl Road and Gorman St. The ride circles around the neighborhoods just south of Littlejohn Colliseum and west of the NCSU campus, which makes for some very nice scenery. We had a little trouble crossing Blue Ridge Road on Beryl Road - the light doesn't change for our little bikes, so we sat there for a while till we asked a car to pull up for us to trigger it. The area along Beryl Road is fairly industrial - particularly interesting spots along the way include a couple of historic-looking churches, the Lumber Company's buildings, and the NCSU botanical gardens.

When we got to the neighborhood south of 440, we found this cool piece of decorative work:

Melbourne Road has a pretty neat on/off-ramp to 440 - talk about quick access right out of your front yard! We got a little lost headed up Kaplan drive looking for Kent Road. See picture of Cara and Sam returning from their slight detour/missed turn adventure:

We wait patiently:

We recommend some signs there to advise people where to go.

Overall, the entire route was quite scenic and fairly flat. Total ride: approx. 6 miles. Plus the ride to the smoothie place.


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