Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Route 5 this Sunday!

When: Sunday, November 12, 1PM
Where: Fred Fletcher Park
What: Raleigh Route #5!
Why: Because its fun!

Hi All!

As promised, Route 5 will be this weekend, Sunday Nov. 12 at 1PM. Unlike the past four previous routes, Route 5 is a "Cross Town Route". The Raleigh Bicycle Route Map describes it as follows:

"This north-south route in west Raleigh travels along Ridge Road and Gorman Street primarily. It passes the west side of N. C. State University and links Route 10 on Glen Eden Drive to Route 6 on Thistledown Drive. The streets on this route are wide, but often busy with traffic. Use caution at street crossings, particularly on Wade Avenue."

For this ride, we'll meet at Fred Fletcher Park, as usual. From there, we'll ride to the intersection of Faircloth and Hillsborough St, which happens to be approximately the half way point in the middle of Route 5. We'll first head south, down Gorman St, complete the southern leg of the route, re-trace our steps... er... pedals... back to the intersection of Faircloth and Hillsborough, at which point we'll take a pit-stop/re-fill water bottles before heading north up Ridge Road for the second leg of the route. The entire ride will be approximately 15 miles, including the trip from Fred Fletcher Park to the intersection of Faircloth and Hillsborough.

This ride is intended to be fun and at a leisurely pace, however, it should be noted that there may be some traffic. Hopefully, this can be avoided since it will be a Sunday, but please be aware that we may encounter some cars traveling with speed. Our policy, as vehicles of the road, is to obey all traffic rules.

As with our other rides, along the way, we're taking pictures of neat things we see, some of the conditions on the ride, and of course, any goofiness. Eventually, our goal is to do all 13 bike routes by the end of the year (for a route map, see here.). For more information, or if you're interested in coming and want to make sure we wait for you at a particular stop along the way, feel free to contact me at raleighroutes@hotmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you out there!


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