Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hi All,

Welcome to the Raleigh Routes webpage! This webpage has been established as part of a big adventure to ride all of the Bike Routes in the City of Raleigh. Throughout the adventure, I (Jennifer) will be posting updates about our rides for each route, what we see on them, and the fun things that we do along the way. I'll also be posting updates about upcoming rides for those who want to join in.

The Raleigh Routes Adventure is intended to be both part fun and part advocacy. If you would like to join in the fun, the rides are open to everyone of all skill levels and with all sorts of bikes. We go at a fairly slow pace, making plenty of stops to take pictures and water breaks along the way. We also encourage post-ride dining! Eventually, our goal is to do all 13 bike routes by the end of the year (for a route map, see:

For more information, or if you're interested in coming and want to make sure we wait for you at a particular stop along the way, feel free to contact us at

Where did the Raleigh Routes idea come from? It all started when I attended ProWalk/ProBike 2006, a bicycle and pedestrian conference held this year in Madison, WI. I was so awed by Madison's bike facilities, that at first I thought - we don't have anything like this in NC! Then I realized I don't really know what any of Raleigh's bike routes are like so how can I compare? That's when I came up with the idea to ride all of Raleigh's Bike Routes, in sequence. I mentioned it to some friends, and they all thought it was a good idea, and here we are. We want to open it up to everyone in the hopes that more people will get a chance to see what's out there and be encouraged to ride.

Why ride the Raleigh Routes? First, because its fun. Second, cause you get to be outside. Third, because you get some exercise. Fourth, because you get to explore parts of Raleigh you might never see in your car. And fifth, to help maintain and monitor Raleigh's Bike Routes so that others may ride them safely and enjoyably. Our goal is not only to ride the routes, but also to document what we see along the way so that perhaps Raleigh's routes can be improved, and then so that some day, we can maybe be consider a bicycle-friendly city too!

We hope to see you out there!


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