Friday, June 22, 2007

Hi Everyone!

This email is to announce two things: first, a ride for this Sunday, June 24 for Route No. 12. Second, a call to create Raleigh Route No. 13.

Route No. 12:
Due to the heat and the route's location, we will be changing the meeting time and location for the ride again this week. Route No. 12 is located just north of I-440 and goes from near North Hills Mall, through neighborhoods, and ends at the intersection of Bardwell Road and Brentwood Road. The entire route is about 14 miles long. The Route's start is also close to Crabtree Creek Greenway. Plan to meet at **11AM** at **Crabtree Valley Mall** in the parking lot in front of Barnes and Nobles. From there, we will take the greenway to Route No. 12 for an out-and-back ride, with an option of Mocha Frappuccino's upon our return.

In sum, the plan is:

What: Raleigh Route No. 12
When: Sunday, June 24 at **11AM**
Where: Meet at **Crabtree Valley Mall Parking lot near Barnes and Nobles**
Why: Because it's fun!

For more info about the route, check out:

Please email me if you will be participating so that we will know to expect you. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks if you like!

Route No. 13:
Raleigh has routes numbered 1 through 14, but no route number 13. Perhaps its superstition, perhaps its oversight... whatever the case may be, we propose that Raleigh needs a Route No. 13 and we're looking for advice on where it should go. Perhaps it should connect all of the best ice cream shops... maybe all the best bars... or maybe all the best parks... Send us your ideas and from there we'll create a route of the most popular destinations. Once we've put it together, we'll ride it as our next ride - the last one before Route 14! You can either post your ideas on our blog at or email them to us at

We look forward to your thoughts!


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